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For advantage contact Mr. Chaminda Batnayava on Mob # 55851776.....

Truck Hire | Trailer Hire | Flat Bed Trailer Hire | Low Bed Trailer Hire | Tipper Trailer Hire | Extendable Trailer Hire | U Frame Trailers Hire | Dump Trucks Hire | Boom Trucks Hire | Pick - Up's Hire | Waste Management Skip Hire. |
For advantage contact Mr. Chaminda Batnayava on Mob # 55851776. We offer advanced range of Mercedes Benz trucks for hire , MAN trucks for hire, Renault trucks for hire,Volvo trucks for hire, Flat bed trailers for hire, Low bed trailers for hire, Tipper Trailers for hire, Extendable trailers for hire, U frame trailers for hire, Dump trucks for hire, Boom trucks for hire, Pick-up’s for hire, Waste management skip for hire
974 44601683
974 55851776
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For Advantage call Mr.Abdallah H Moussa on Mobile # 55063070.....

Drainage Channels | Sealing Products | Water Drainage Channels | Waste Water Treatment Plants | Stainless Steel Floor Drains | Hand Dryers | Wash Room Equipment | Showering | Wash Room Controls | Thermoplastic Pipe Work Systems | Radiant Heating | Cooling Systems | Shotcrete Services | Adhesive & Adhesive Products | Cooling & Heating Equipment Mfrs | Epoxy Coating | Marine & Offshore - Coating and Paint Suppliers | Pipe Sound proofing |
For Advantage call Mr.Abdallah H Moussa on Mobile # 55063070. Al Tayeb Water is our water technology division that sells a wide range of exclusive European products related to water supply, Treatment & Drainage, as well related to Pipes and Anti-Corrosion protection. We have a unique combination of products & services in the Qatar market. We believe in innovation new ideas quality products and timely service to all projects.
974 4435 7272
974 5506 3070
Total votes: 833
Hitech Projects W.L.L Doha State of Qatar are....

Polyurea | Waterproofing | Spray Foam | Crack Injection | Rust Converter | |
Hitech Projects W.L.L Doha State of Qatar are the pioneers in Polyurea Coating Systems dedicated solely to the supply & apply of high performance Polyurea Coatings Liners and Polyurea Membrane products.
974 4460 0560
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For Advantage Contact Mr. Sajeev A.R on Mobile # 70488034.....

Garbage Collection | Debris Collection | Septic Tank Maintenance | Sweet Water Suppliers | Heavy Equipment | Excavation | Sewage Water Removal |
For Advantage Contact Mr. Sajeev A.R on Mobile # 70488034. Power Waste Management is committed to finding new and cost-effective ways of keeping the environment clean. Our services honed by experience help us to deliver the best waste management solutions to our clients. Our Service include Garbage Collection, Construction Debris Collection, Removal of Sewage Water, Septic Tank Maintenance,Supply of Sweet Water, Supply of Heavy Equipment Machinery, Excavation Project on Contract Basis.
974 4451 5453
974 7048 8034
Total votes: 434
Seashore Trading Company is the trading division of the Seashore....

Tools | Hand Tools | Safety Equipments | Safety Products | Generators | Welding Equipments | Oilfield Equiments | Power Tools | Air Compressors | Pumps | Pumping Equipments | |
Seashore Trading Company is the trading division of the Seashore Group of companies. Our main showroom & warehouse are located in Al Khor, on the main street to Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar. We have a 17-year-old proven record of offering a wide range of products for Oil & Gas, Power and other major industries in the disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation. As a part of our customer base expansion, we have opened our new showroom at Najma Al Harj Souq, Doha and Wakra Barwa village, thus reinforcing our commitment to customer needs and expectations. We have developed a sterling reputation with all major clients in Qatar through our commitment to provide safe & defect free equipment/systems/materials within the delivery schedule. We also offer continuous support by providing reliable technical information, updates and after sales service support.
974 4472 0616
Solar Line Group of Companies
Total votes: 1064
Solarline is a reliable and trusted one - stop shop....

Abrasives | Adhesives | Bags | Garbage Bags | Automobile Battery Suppliers |Bearings | Bolts | Bolts & Nuts | Building Materials | Cable Tray Product Suppliers | Chemicals & Chemical Products | Cotton Rags | Electrical Switches | Electrical Switchgear | Exhaust Fan | Fan | Expansion Joints | Fasteners | Filters | Filters - Hydraulic | Fire Extinguishers | Flanges | Freight Forwarding | Oilfield Suppliers | Road Marking Paints | Road Safety Barriers | Safety Equipt & Clothing | Tools | Valves | Valves & Actuators | Ventilation Fan | Water Pipes & Fittings | Water Pumps | Wire Ropes & Slings |
Solarline is a reliable and trusted one - stop shop for all your metal, marine, offshore, oilfields and industrial products requirements. Competitive pricing and dedication is our key to success. Besides our experienced, well trained team of professionals works round the clock to ensure better products at better prices. This perseverance has earned us the trust and long term partnerships across industry verticals.
974 4462 2070
974 7757 5354
Total votes: 718
Al Hamad Trading an ISO 9001:200814001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified Company....

Electro-mechanical supplies | Emergency & Special purpose Vehicles Sales & Service | Educational and Technical Training Solutions | Fuel Management & Automotive Service | Water Oil and Gas Industrial Products | Electrical Products and Equipment’s | Health care equipment & HSE Supplies | Transformer and OLTC related services | Commercial Food Service & industrial Laundry Equipment | PD Monitoring Services | Security And access Control Solutions | Power Quality Management (PQM) Solution (LV to HV) | Environment & Waste Management Solution | Test & Measurement Instrument and Control Equipment | Turnkey Projects | Chemical Supplies | Repair and Calibration Services | I.T consultancy for commerce & Industry |
Al Hamad Trading an ISO 9001:200814001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified Company established in Qatar in 1986 is recognized as one of Qatar's leading Technology Trading and Contracting Companies. We are the leading suppliers of Ambulances and Fire Fighting
974 4468 8220
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Manufacturer and supplier of industrial/household sewage treatment plants for private....

Waste treatment and disposal |
Manufacturer and supplier of industrial/household sewage treatment plants for private houses and housing communities office buildings restaurants hotels recreation centers labor and field camps and other facilities with 1 - 1000 nominal users.
Total votes: 1046
• Sand blasting system • Powdered coating system for skid •....

Water treatment equipt chemicals service & supplies | Water Treatment | RO Plant |
• Sand blasting system • Powdered coating system for skid • Orbital welding facility for Stainless Steel pipe • Pressure & leakage testing procedure. • PLC programming for control panels • In house chemical cleaning and membrane testing system • Separate cold storage room for membrane preservation. Using sophisticated machines for cutting, threading, drilling, power press, light Machine and other equipments.
9714 552 1786
97150 2507113
Al Able Trading & Contracting
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Location 5 - 000 000 0000
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