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FK Tools
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With over half a century in the business, FK Tools....

Hammers | claw hammer | ball pein hammer | rubber hammer | chipping hammer | brass hammer | brass claw hammer | adjustable wrenches | sledge hammers | machinist hammer | mortise chiesel bits | F-clamps | water pump pliers | aluminum levels | aluminum levels magnetic | auger bits long | steel rulers | callipers | Vernier calliper | warding file sets | punches | pick up tools | glass lifters | wood chiesels | nail chiesels | tool boxes | masonary drill bits | drill bit set | wood drill bits | ratchet handles | tool boxes plastic | pipe wrenches | screw drivers flat | planners | pliers | combination plier | nose plier | side cutter | fit plier | insulated pliers | hacksaw frames | testers | wire strippers automatic | allen key set | avation snips | hand saws for wood | tool boxes | riviting pliers | socket sets | measuring tapes | chalk reels | hole saws | hole saw set | spanners | open spanner | ring spanner | concrete chiesels | chiesel guard | test pumps | paint brushes | paint roller | paint roller tray | radiator rollers | radiator rollers refills | pipe wrenches | paint scrappers | compact cutters | cable cutter | tube cutter | grip pliers | end cutter | drill bits | drill bit hss taper shank | try squares | platform trolleys | bolt cutters | drill chucks | knifes | utility knife blade | electrode holders | flat files bastard | flat files second cut | flat files smooth | half round files bastard | half round files second cut | half round files smooth | round files bastard | round files second cut | three square files bastard | square files bastard | square files bastard | wood rasp files bastard | saw files | carbon steel tap sets | Tap and die set | Platform trolleys | tin snip | nut driver | t handle | soldering iron | inspection mirror | basin wrench | telescopic | safety jacket yellow | safety jacket orange | mastic gun | mastic gun heavy duty | crimping tools | crimping plier | crimping tool ratchet | safety spectacles clear | safety spectacles black | plastic pipe cutter | spray gun metal | cable cutter | strap wrench | chain pipe wrench | sds plus bits | conduit pipe tube bender set | precision screw driver set | rotary drill | rotary drill gbm | magnetic drill stand | rotary drill | angle drill | impact drill | cordless drill driver | cordless screw driver | knipex cutter | side cutter | nose plier | crimping plier | drill chuck | keyed chuck | chuck wrench key type | keyless chuck | magnetic drill | taper arbor | reduction sleeve | battery | battery charger | LI battery | hss bi metal holesaw | power change adapter | hexagon adaptor | adapter pilot bit | adaptor sds plus | diamond drill bit | diamond hole saw | pressurized water bottle | centering aid | jigsaw blade | sabre saw blades | buffing pad | lambswool bonnet | pin type wrench | polishing sponge | round nut | rubber backing | rubber backing pad | velcro type backing pad | wire brushes | brass wire cup brush | crimped conical wire brush | wire cup brush | wire pencil brush | wire wheel | conical wire brush | wire tapered brush | cup brush | nylone wire cup brush | steel pencil wire brush | flap disc | flap disc metal | flat brush | expansion roll | fiber disc | fiber sanding metal | sanding sheets | sanding discs | sanding belts | sanding roll | sanding paper | varnish | sanding belt | circular saw blades | wood auger bits | hss step drill bits | screw bits | screwdriver kit | sds plus | plus-5 drill bits | sds plus 7 drill bits | chisels | rebar cutters | diamond cutting discs | dimond grinding head | dust extraction guard | amond grinding head | diamond drilling | wet diamond core cutters | dry diamond core cutters | gop sanding plate | abrasives | cylindrical drill bits | router bits | sds max drill bits | break through drill bits | hexagonal chisels | pro sets | proline sets | dust bag | dust bag for gas | dust extraction guard | guide rail | bracket | extractor | vacuum accessories | string basket | planer knife | drive shaft | fine wire staples | inlet water filters | magnetic adaptor | measuring tools | barometric pressure | humidity | temperature | digital multimeter | sound level meter | insulation meter | meter hanging kit | lux meter | heat stress tracker | calibration | lifting items | safety dust mask | ear plug | respiratory mask | safety mask | safety mask filter | rubber cable | pvc flexible cable | flexible cable | flexible conduit | scaffolding | ladder | aluminum ladder | step ladder | ladder single type | ladder clamp | straight extension ladder | aluminum mobile scaffolding | aluminum podium scaffolding | folding scaffolding | mobile narrow scaffolding | wire cage | padlock | metal marker | paint marker | white marker | tarpaulin | nylon rope | insulation tape | jerry can | rag | grease remover | paint remover | anti slip mat | engine oil | spray paint | paint white | key tag | key panel | washed sand | hessian cloth | grease | marble chalk | plywood | wood | water tank | welding electrode | nail | stapler pin | silicon sealant | duct tape | masking tape | plastic tape | binding wire | super glue | steel wire | cable tie | pvc bucket | polyethylene sheet | flexible hose | marble chalk | thermocol | sand bag | spray paint | rush machine | green shade net | gurmala plastic | chipping hammer | dust mask | safety shoe | safety jacket | safety helmet | safety glass | safety coverall | disposable coverall | safety gloves | face shield viser & bracket | traffic button light | traffic cone |welding apron | welding electrode holder | welding glass | welding gloves | KEEGO | KEEGO TOOLS | ACORN |ACORN HARDWARE | ACORN PAINTING PRODUCTS & ACCESSORIES | ACORN TOOLS | ADOR | ADOR HARDWARE | ADOR TOOLS |All Kinds Of Hand Tools - Uk | ARALDITE | ARALDITEADHESIVES | TAPES & GLUES | ARALDITE HARDWARE | ARALDITE TOOLS | Arbors / H S S Holesaw Arbors | H S S Hack Saw Blades - Uk | BAND IT | BMI | Bmi Oil Measuring Tapes - Germany | BRITOOL | BRITOOL HARDWARE | BRITOOL TOOLS | BROOKE | BROOKE HARDWARE | BROOKE TOOLS | Brushes | Paint Rollers & Trays - Uk | BUILDING MATERIALS | Carbide Burrs & Annular Cutters - USA | Chain Pulley Blocks | Lever Hoists & Trolleys - Japan | CLARKE | CLARKE HARDWARE | CLARKE TOOLS | Clips / Hose Clamps In Mild Steel & Stainless Steel - UK | Cobalt Drill Bits & Drill Sets - Uk | Cutter / End Cutting Nippers - Germany | DEWALT | DEWALT HARDWARE | DEWALT TOOLS | DORMER | DORMER HARDWARE | DORMER TOOLS | ECLIPSE | ECLIPSE HARDWARE | ECLIPSE TOOLS | EGA MASTER | EGA MASTER HARDWARE | EGA MASTER TOOLS | End Cutting Nippers - Germany | Engineers Hand Files - Usa | Epoxy Adhesives – Uk | Fibre & Steel Measuring Tapes - Uk | FISCO | FISCO HARDWARE | FISCO TOOLS | H S S / S S Drillbits / Taps / Reamers - Uk | H S S Drill Bits | Taps | Reamers - Uk | H S S Hack Saw | Power Saw Blades | Riviters | Magnets - Uk | H S S Holesaw Arbors / H S S Hack Saw Blades - Uk | Hand Tools - Uk | Hand Tools / Engineers Hand Files - Usa | Hand Tools / Pipe - Uk | Pipe Threading Hand Tools | Hole Saws For Stainless Steel - Uk | Hose Clamps In Mild Steel & Stainless Steel - Uk | Industrial Power Tools & Accessories - Japan | IRWIN | IRWIN HARDWARE | IRWIN TOOLS | JUBILEE | JUBILEE HARDWARE | JUBILEE TOOLS | KNIPEX | KNIPEX HARDWARE | KNIPEX TOOLS | Magnetic Drilling Machines - Uk | MAGTRON | MAGTRON HARDWARE | MAGTRON TOOLS | MAKITA | MAKITA TOOLS | Measuring Equipment - Japan | Measuring Tapes In Steel & Fibre - Uk | MITUTOYO | MITUTOYO | HARDWARE | MITUTOYO TOOLS | MYSTAR | MYSTAR HARDWARE | MYSTAR TOOLS | NICHOLSON | NICHOLSON HARDWARE | NICHOLSON TOOLS | NORBAR | NORBAR HARDWARE | NORBAR TOOLS | Oil Measuring Cans & Funnels In Plastic & Metal - Germany | Oil Measuring Tapes - Germany | P V C & Steel Packing Machines - Japan | Paint Rollers | Brushes & Trays - Uk | Pipe & Hand Tools - Uk | Pipe Threading & Hand Tools - Spain | Platform Trolley - Malaysia | Power Tools - Germany | PRESSOL | PRESSOL HARDWARE | PRESSOL TOOLS | S S Straps | Buckles & Tools - Uk | Soldering Irons & Stations - Germany | SPOT | SPOT HARDWARE | SPOT TOOLS | STARRETT | STARRETT HARDWARE | STARRET TTOOLS | Tools / Power Tools - Germany | Torque Wrenches - Uk | TRUMPH HARDWARE | TRUMPH TOOLS | VITAL | VITAL HARDWARE | VITAL TOOLS | Welding Rods & Machines - India | WELLER |
With over half a century in the business, FK Tools offers our customers expertise, experience, and dedication to customer service that is simply not duplicated in other tool and building material companies throughout Dubai, the UAE as well as in Qatar. Our focus has always been on quality products and excellence in customer service, which continues to be our areas of concentration today.
Total votes: 8707
Under the leadership of Mr. Hamad Fahad HH Al Mohannadi,....

portable self-contained toilets rental in Qatar | portable self-contained toilet in Qatar | single cabin type toilet supplier in Qatar | portable chemical toilet cleaning services | portable chemical toilet in Qatar | chemical toilets in Qatar | mobile toilet supplier in Qatar | portable toilets in Qatar | portable chemical toilet rental in Qatar | portable toilet rental in Qatar | portable chemical toilets rental in Qatar | chemical toilets rental in Qatar | portable toilets for rent in Qatar | ablution unit supplier in Qatar | crowd control barriers rental in Qatar | ablution unit rental services in Qatar | portacabin supplier in Qatar | signboard supplier in Qatar | chiller maintenance work in Qatar | modular cabin supplier in Qatar |
Under the leadership of Mr. Hamad Fahad HH Al Mohannadi, we are one of the fastest-growing and most admired maintenance & Trading Company in Qatar. It has expertise in executing large and complex infrastructure projects. The company operates through Trading & Maintenance of business units like Portable Chemical & cabin type toilets, Portable toilet cleaning services, Office Cabins, Modular Cabins, Ablution Units, Port Containers, Chiller, Ducting Installation & Maintenance Services, and Building Maintenance Services. The company offers a full range of construction services. The project teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. A company, wide policy encouraging shared performance responsibility ensures the highest degree of professional service and results on all projects undertaken the company has rich experience in these fields. The Company has built a base of loyal clients on the strength of our reputation for service and competitive costing. Our success in the construction sector is due in part to our commitment to teamwork. Engineering excellence, supply chain expertise, and facilities management are our key strengths. The Company is driven to deliver projects on time, accuracy in maintenance work, and uncompromising standards of safety and sustainability. Quality and safety are given paramount importance. We are a customer-oriented organization, which seeks to build ensuring the value of service for all our clients.
974 4415 1743
974 5022 2137
Heritage Trading & Contracting WLL
Total votes: 82
We Heritage Trading and Contracting is a leading Civil &....

Steel Structurel | HVAC | CCTV | ELV Security Systems | HVAC Supply | Waterproofing | UPVC | Glass doors | Windows | Aluminium Doors | Civil contractors | Passenger elevator | Escalators | Cranes | Industrial elevators | Electrical works | MEP Contractors | Cast iron doors | Cast iron Gates | Sand cast steel gates | |
We Heritage Trading and Contracting is a leading Civil & MEP Contractor. We are Traders for Elevators and Materials Handling Machinery. We are manufacturers and suppliers for UPVC and Aluminium Manufacturing and Trading, We are Approved waterproofing applicators for AWAZEL waterproofing. Electrical works (Housing/Apartment electrical works, Warehouses Electrical works including Kharamaa Service cabinets, Pump houses Industrial Electrical works.),  We do work for Luxary Villas, Shopping Malls, Apartment buildings, Warehouses, Hotels etc.  ELV Security systems (CC TV Camera, Security Access Control systems, Intrusion detection systems). Passenger Elevators(Sole Agency for Hosting Brand), Material Hoisting Elevators Tower Crane, Gantry Girders,  : Being the sole agents of Tavol Group for Cranes and Elevators and Hostings Elevators we Supply and Installation of Tower cranes, Gantry Girder cranes, Overhead cranes  Material Hoisting Elevators, Industrial Elevators, Passengers MRL or MR Elevators, Escalators, Hosting Brand and Fuji Brand) today our Qatari assembly and inspection facility adheres to strict international quality and safety standards to ensure that our products will deliver optimum safety, reliability, performance and comfort Today, Heritage Elevators and Escalators is one of the leading installers and maintainers of passenger lifts, escalators, moving walkways and conveyor systems for transport of goods in the country. Our wealth of engineering and technical knowledge, coupled with our excellent customer service, has made us one of the most trusted names in the industry. Civil Construction (Villas Construction turn key, Ware house Construction that includes Steel Structure Hot Rolled/Pre Engineering fabrication supply and erection, Infra Structure Civil Works Manholes, Construction of Pits, External Cable Laying, Rip Rap Construction ). We are well experienced in Construction of above activities, we undertake complete turnkey Projects. UPVC and Aluminium Manufacturing and Trading: We customise, Fabricate Supply and install the Glass doors, UPVC doors and Windows, Aluminium doors and Windows at a very economical price. Waterproofing Works: HTC is a approved Waterproofing applicator for AWAZEL waterproofing, We have designed and applied 25000 m2 of waterproofing in Qatar Foundation for various educational buildings. We have also performed waterproofing for Villas in Wakra, Warehouses in Barkat Ul Awamir and in Villas In AlKhor.
Total votes: 34201
The brainchild of Mr. Abdul Rehman Abdul Jaleel Abdulghani Nasser,....

Gypsum works | Interior fit outs | Furnishing | Molding | Aluminium Cladding Installation | Partition work | Lighting | Ceiling | Porcelain | Doors | Flooring | Racking | Hempel | Special Paints | Gypsum | Machineries | Waterproofing | Waterproofing Contractors and Services | Bituminous Membrane | Building Materials | Plumbing Materials | Power tools | Sanitary Ware & Fittings | Electrical Equipment | Safety Equipment | Personal Hand tools |
The brainchild of Mr. Abdul Rehman Abdul Jaleel Abdulghani Nasser, Vibrant Group trading is a Progressive and innovative venture set up to help foreign investors establish their presence in the growing market of Qatar. At Vibrant group, we aware that a great business idea is only the starting point in the entrepreneurial Journey of building a winning business. To successfully establish a business, a sound business idea must be turned in to business opportunity, supported by a strong team and adequate business capital and backed by a well –planned system. This is where we step in. we make this seemingly daunting task, especially to a first – time entrepreneur, an enjoyable and profitable journey with the right guidance, planning and support. With our in-depth knowledge of the local market and vast business experience, we offer a comprehensive range of business consultancy and support services to investors as well as trading and contracting companies, including feasibility studies and start up support that cut across several industry sectors and interests. We also offer reputed international companies with the best opportunities to establish joint ventures in the vibrant business arena of Qatar. There are few markets as favorable as Qatar and few business partners as reliable as vibrant Group Trading
974 4444 7574
974 5519 2528
Total votes: 39696
Al Hamad Trading an ISO 9001:200814001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified Company....

Electro-mechanical supplies | Emergency & Special purpose Vehicles Sales & Service | Educational and Technical Training Solutions | Fuel Management & Automotive Service | Water Oil and Gas Industrial Products | Electrical Products and Equipment’s | Health care equipment & HSE Supplies | Transformer and OLTC related services | Commercial Food Service & industrial Laundry Equipment | PD Monitoring Services | Security And access Control Solutions | Power Quality Management (PQM) Solution (LV to HV) | Environment & Waste Management Solution | Test & Measurement Instrument and Control Equipment | Turnkey Projects | Chemical Supplies | Repair and Calibration Services | I.T consultancy for commerce & Industry |
Al Hamad Trading an ISO 9001:200814001:2004 & 18001:2007 certified Company established in Qatar in 1986 is recognized as one of Qatar's leading Technology Trading and Contracting Companies. We are the leading suppliers of Ambulances and Fire Fighting
974 4468 8220
974 3371 3615
Total votes: 17404
Established in State of Qatar in 2005, Hitech Projects W.L.L.....

Polyurea Coating | Spray Polyurethane Foam | Acrylic Coating | Crack Injection | Rebar Coating | Rust Converter | HVAC Duct Cleaning | PU Injection Systems | Glo – Protek Rust Converter | Expansion Joint Treatment | Cool Vests | No Sweat Safety Shoes | Himalayan Salt | Salt Caves | SPF Coating | EJ Treatment | Duct Cleaning |
Established in State of Qatar in 2005, Hitech Projects W.L.L. was the first officially approved distributors and applicators for world renowned Polyurea manufacturers; NUKOTE Coating Systems International L.L.C. from USA, Voelkel Industrie Produkte (VIP) from Germany, Advanced Coating Systems NV (ADCOS) – Belgium and Atek Fine Chemicals (Atek) – Korea. In 2010 – 2011 we have included some more value added services to our line of activity which includes: P U Foam Coating, Acrylic Coating, E P D M Coating, Ceramic Coating, Rebar Coating, P U Injection, Rust Converter and HVAC Duct Cleaning
974 4460 0560
974 3378 3946
Total votes: 8725
QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems also....

Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers | Portable And Mobile Fire Extinguishers |First Aid Fire Hose Reel Systems | Dry And Wet Riser Standpipe And Hose Systems | Fire Hydrant Systems | Sprinkler Systems | Deluge Medium And High Velocity Water Spray Systems | Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems | Foam Systems | Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems | Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems | Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems (FM-200 | NOVEC & INERT GASES) | Fire Detection & Alarm Systems | Emergency And Exit Lighting Systems | Emergency Voice Evacuation & Public Address Systems | Fire Telephone System | Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation And Smoke Management Systems | Passive Fire Protection | Fire Doors | Fire Windows | Fire Barriers | Cable Coating | Fire Sealants | Fire Resistance Painting/coating | Etc)systems | Building Management Systems(BMS)| Fire Pumps | Diesel Engines | Fire Pump Controllers | Fire Rated Doors | All Type Of Portable Extinguishers | All Type Of Mobile Extinguishers | Fire Hydrants | Fire Blankets | Fire Hose Reels | Lay Flat Hoses | Breaching Inlets | Landing Valves | Fm200 System | Bladder Tanks With Ratio Controllers | Foam Concentrate | Clean Agent Systems (FM-200&Inert Gas) | Sprinklers | Valves & Accessories | Passive Fire Protection Products | Fire Rated Panels | Smoke Curtains | Smoke Vents | Annual maintenance contracts of fire protection systems | |
QATAR FACTORY for Fire Fighting Equipment & Safety Systems also has been recognized by the QATAR Civil Defense Department (QCDD) further cementing our status as a renowned leader in fire protection solutions. Our highly skilled engineering team is constantly designing, supplying, supervising and innovating areas of fire safety technology to overcome even the most complex business challenges. We are committed to provide quality related to Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Integration, Testing & Commissioning, Training and Maintenance of all types of Fire & Life Safety & Security Systems including Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Fighting & Fire Suppression Systems, Emergency and Exit Lighting System, Passive Fire Protection, Fire Rated Doors & Partition Assemblies, Smoke Control & Management System and Building Management System through timely delivery and fulfilment of their needs and expectations which complies with the specified & implied requirements of our clients and fits for purpose which is intended.
+974 44025888
Total votes: 3524
Spectrum Industries are the trusted suppliers of Safety products like....

Safety material suppliers | Power tools and hand tools suppliers | Tyre dealers | Electrical and plumbing item suppliers | Road safety materials |
Spectrum Industries are the trusted suppliers of Safety products like safety coveralls, safety helmets, safety glasses , safety masks, ear muffs, safety gloves, safety shoes, safety harness, ladders, fall protection, safety sign Boards, water bottles, safety lights, Personal protective equipment, Building Materials, Welding Equipment’s & Materials, Sanitary Equipment’s, Plumbing & Electrical Equipment as well as Industrial related products in Qatar.
974 4469 0421
974 5080 9992
Total votes: 1147
AL BARA A SECURITY & SAFETY is Qatar s most....

Security & safety products |
AL BARA A SECURITY & SAFETY is Qatar s most reliable and trusted distributor for safety security and fire protection equipment. Our brand boasts of a wide range of safety and security products made from only the highest quality of materials and manufacturing techniques and has catered to the requirements of competitive markets in Qatar UAE other GCC countries and also African Countries to meet customer needs.
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