Suryana Medical Center
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

Eng. Sahar Bsata is the founder of Suryana Medical Center. She studied engineering in Syria and worked in the housing field before moving to Germany to get a Diploma in Programming for Engineers. She moved to Qatar in the eighties and worked in Qatar Gas and Ras Gas, and contributed to pumps and contracting companies. She later founded her own business Suryana Interiors and General Contracting, from which Suryana Medical Center branches. Sahar’s experience in the medical sector is not new. She previously assisted in starting a clinic, which later grew into a medical center that she handled from an administrative side, beside her work in engineering. This gave her an extensive experience with ministries, laws and regulations, and local requirements. Despite her academic and practical background in engineering, Sahar’s dream has always been to found a medical center that is not profit-driven. She is now doing that by attracting the appropriate medical staff not only qualifications wise, but also morally and humanely. SURYANA MEDICAL CENTER Suryana Medical Center is the premier health care company focused on delivering the highest quality care We care to serve the high quality service and better treatment to our patients. We strive to provide full care and good health for out patients. RECENT POSTS Number of children may be new risk ... New dental implant with built-in reservoir reduces ... Scientists find brain hormone that triggers fat ...
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