Technical Development of Electromechanical Company (TDEC)
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

Technical Development of Electromechanical Company (TDEC) is a qualified successful and leading Electro mechanical company in Doha-Qatar. Our company was set up to provide the best and quality services to our customers mainly on equipment installation and maintenance services of mechanical General Maintenance and soft-craft fields at anytime and anywhere in the Qatar. Our vast portfolio mainly focused on Air conditioning and other Electro mechanical works for virtually every type of building you encounter ? from small residential to major industrial projects. We strive continuously to provide the best services safely and committed to establishing strong long-lasting & mutually beneficial relationships with our clients & customers. We grow faster while keeping goodwill in each and every field that we involve with. We take time to understand our clients needs so as to meet their demands to their satisfaction. Our firm balances responsibility and commitment while maintaining the quality that are the pillars which supporting the company on its way to success with our dedicated manpower. It has already been proven that better planning and proper communications are the fundamental keys towards any successful projects.
P.O. Box 17424, Mahar Street Al Ghanim, Doha - Qatar
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