Cabtech WLL - Electro Mechanical Trading
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

CABTECH WLL is an electrical trading company having its offices and showroom in BARWA VILLAGE QATAR. The Company specializes in supplying Cableslampslugsglands and for the material handling requirements in various other industries in the GCC Middle East and African countries.A dedicated team of young and energetic sales engineers are always at the service of our clients. Major Product Range: ? ELECTRICAL CABLE ? CABLE GLAND (BRASSNICKLE PLATED SS & PVC) ? BLIND PLUG (PVCBRASS & NICKLE PLATED) ? EXPLOSION PROOF (GLANDHAND LAMP & JUNCTION BOX) ? FLEXIBLE CONDUIT (GIPVC&LIQUID TIGHT) ? CONDUIT (PVC RSCSS & GI) ? CABLE TIE (PVCSS&SS PVC COATED) ? LIGHT FITTINGS ? BALLAST (VSTRIDONIC & OSARAM) ? LAMPS (GEOSRAMPHILIPS&SYLVANIA) ? GI CABLE TRAYLADERS & SLOTTED CHANNELS & ACCESSORIES ? CIRCUIT BREAKERS (MCCBMCBELCB) ? CONDUCTORS ? ISOLATORS ? DB ENCLOSURES ? INDUSTRIAL PLUG AND SOCKET ? SPOT LIGHTS AND UNDER WATER LIGHTS ? POWER TRANSFORMER AND VOLTAGE CONVERTER
91677 Barwa Village Shop No.21 Building No.2
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