Security & Safety Centre
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

Safety and Security Center (SSTC). The center was established in Doha Qatar in 1988 and has grown rapidly since its inception as one of the largest companies in the field of professional services related to security and safety and now we are sole agents for more than 20 companies around the world. With the tremendous development witnessed in Qatar our company was among the companies to cope and pioneer in the field of security surveillance. We are doing the installation and maintenance of various monitoring devices security. We deal regularly with the Ministry of Civil Defense Ministry of Interior the customs authorities ports and municipal and its subsidiaries. We also deal with various ministriesPetroleum companies in the state. Our Services: In our quest to provide exceptions service to our customers we are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation which demonstrates our commitment to managing and delivering a quality service in accordance with our customer requirements. Flir Security System has a dedicated staff of programmers analystsproject managersnetwork engineershardware technicians and help disk personnel for short and long term IT requirements. Monitor your home or villa : monitor your office or your store or your factory : Types of surveillance cameras : Specifications surveillance cameras : Surveillance cameras has become very important in recent times and offer a safety & security for us and save time and effort and also the use of the Internet in a surveillance cameras has added more advantage. we have examples of this in our daily lives : First in your home or villa : If it comes to visitor you can see who is abroad and identify it and you can monitor all entrances and walls while youre sitting in your place and not only that but you can monitor your home and youre anywhere using the computer or mobile phone via the Internet Secondly in your office or your store or your factory : You can now follow movement of visitors inside your office or the production machinery inside your factory or monitor your employees or if you have a lot of works and you cant exist in your company all the time still you can Continue and see events through the Internet and more importantly the impact of surveillance cameras on the workers and give them a sense that they always under surveillance which gives higher efficiency at work.
1236 Barwa Commercial Avenue ARKAN Block 17
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