Jaidah Automotive - Chevrolet Dealer (Jaidah Group)
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

JAIDAH AUTOMOTIVE: DRIVEN TO EXCEED The bedrock of Jaidah Automotives product suite comes from its long-standing relationship with the globally-renowned motor manufacturer General Motors (GM). The durability of this relationship sees Jaidah Automotive as the sole distributor of GMs Chevrolet marque in Qatar. The breadth and quality of Chevrolets product range is a great place to start in bringing motoring excellence to this country. Today Jaidah Automotive is the foremost retailer of its type in Qatar. This is a position that has been achieved through a combination of factors: the best products numerous showrooms superlative customer service and a dedication to building relationships with suppliers and crucially the all-important customers. Jaidah Automotive maintains four showrooms in Qatar Jaidah Square Salwa Road Jaidah Flyover Al-Khor where these superlative vehicles can be viewed and purchased and it also offers two ACDelco Quick-Service Centers (the highest-rated in the Middle East) coupled with five GM-Certified Quick-Service Centers. Jaidah Groups history stretches back over 100 years to the late 19th century. As the Group grew in size and influence so Qatar was modernizing around it. During the 20th century the automobile ? once a luxury ? became a necessity and Jaidah Group responded by launching its passenger vehicle division Jaidah Automotive over 50 years ago.
150 Airport Road Al Jaidah Square Next to Ali Bin Ali / HSBC Building, Doha - Qatar
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