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Waterproofing is the method of making the buildings and structures resistant to water, so that it can remain unharmed by the moisture, humid and rain. Making the buildings and structures water-resistant would certainly enhance the durability and long-life of the structures. In construction industry, the buildings are waterproofed using exterior coating, protective membrane and structural integration with the application of various materials. General construction works like foundation, walls, roofing, flooring acts as an envelope to the building. Rooftops are generally exposed to the rain, hence, roof covering using metal or plastic sheets are erected as a waterproofing process. More than 30 Waterproofing Contractors are listed in yellowpages.qa website, who offer a complete waterproofing solution to your buildings with a world-class quality of service.In Qatar, Waterproofing Contractors follow the scientific methods to install waterproofing solutions to your buildings. Generally consisting skilled technicians and with engineering background, these contractors and service providers offer a complete and effective waterproofing service. They are also specialized in Civil Contracting, Tile Fixing, Epoxy, PVC Flooring, Basement & Tunnel Waterproofing, Roof Waterproofing, Tank Lining, Tank Waterproofing, Bridge Deck Waterproofing, Swimming Pools Waterproofing, Industrial Floor, Concrete Repair, Fire Proofing, Protective Coating, Spray Foam, Crack Injection, Concrete Repairs etc.

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Construction Material Trading Company (CMTC) carries out a range of....

Waterproofing contractors & services | Basement & Tunnel Waterproofing | Floor Coating & Car Park Coating | Concrete Repair & Strengthening System | Terrazzo Flooring | Shotcrete Works | Tank Lining | Roof Waterproofing | Crack Injection | screeding | admixture for concrete | soundproofing | grouts | adhesives | Grouts | sealants | carbon fiber | concrete treatment | machines and tools | coating systems |
Construction Material Trading Company (CMTC) carries out a range of other tasks such as Basement and Tunnel Waterproofing Roof Waterproofing Tank Lining and Waterproofing Bridge Deck Waterproofing Swimming Pools Waterproofing Industrial Flooring Systems Concrete Repair & Strengthening System and Passive Fire Protection Systems.
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IMAR was founded in 1995, promptly establishing its reputation for....

Building Development & Construction | Full Fit-out | Interior Finishings | Furniture Fixtures & Equipment | Mechanical Equipment for Power | Water | Oil & Gas Industries |
IMAR was founded in 1995, promptly establishing its reputation for excellence in the construction industry, specializing in architectural interior fit out before expanding to Qatar in year 2000.
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The brainchild of Mr. Abdul Rehman Abdul Jaleel Abdulghani Nasser,....

Gypsum works | Interior fit outs | Furnishing | Molding | Aluminium Cladding Installation | Partition work | Lighting | Ceiling | Porcelain | Doors | Flooring | Racking | Hempel | Special Paints | Gypsum | Machineries | Waterproofing | Waterproofing Contractors and Services | Bituminous Membrane | Building Materials | Plumbing Materials | Power tools | Sanitary Ware & Fittings | Electrical Equipment | Safety Equipment | Personal Hand tools |
The brainchild of Mr. Abdul Rehman Abdul Jaleel Abdulghani Nasser, Vibrant Group trading is a Progressive and innovative venture set up to help foreign investors establish their presence in the growing market of Qatar. At Vibrant group, we aware that a great business idea is only the starting point in the entrepreneurial Journey of building a winning business. To successfully establish a business, a sound business idea must be turned in to business opportunity, supported by a strong team and adequate business capital and backed by a well –planned system. This is where we step in. we make this seemingly daunting task, especially to a first – time entrepreneur, an enjoyable and profitable journey with the right guidance, planning and support. With our in-depth knowledge of the local market and vast business experience, we offer a comprehensive range of business consultancy and support services to investors as well as trading and contracting companies, including feasibility studies and start up support that cut across several industry sectors and interests. We also offer reputed international companies with the best opportunities to establish joint ventures in the vibrant business arena of Qatar. There are few markets as favorable as Qatar and few business partners as reliable as vibrant Group Trading
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Established in State of Qatar in 2005, Hitech Projects W.L.L.....

Polyurea Coating | Spray Polyurethane Foam | Acrylic Coating | Crack Injection | Rebar Coating | Rust Converter | HVAC Duct Cleaning | PU Injection Systems | Glo – Protek Rust Converter | Expansion Joint Treatment | Cool Vests | No Sweat Safety Shoes | Himalayan Salt | Salt Caves | SPF Coating | EJ Treatment | Duct Cleaning |
Established in State of Qatar in 2005, Hitech Projects W.L.L. was the first officially approved distributors and applicators for world renowned Polyurea manufacturers; NUKOTE Coating Systems International L.L.C. from USA, Voelkel Industrie Produkte (VIP) from Germany, Advanced Coating Systems NV (ADCOS) – Belgium and Atek Fine Chemicals (Atek) – Korea. In 2010 – 2011 we have included some more value added services to our line of activity which includes: P U Foam Coating, Acrylic Coating, E P D M Coating, Ceramic Coating, Rebar Coating, P U Injection, Rust Converter and HVAC Duct Cleaning
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Tadmur Trading and Contracting Est one among the oldest waterproofing....

Roofs Waterproofing | Floorings | Coatings - Protective | Industrial | Construction of Swimming Pool | Roof top photovoltaic | Concrete Repairs | Swimming Pool Construction | Maintenance | Jaccuzi | overflow | skimmer type | Water Features | Fountains | Maintenance Works | Green roofs | Substructure | |
Tadmur Trading and Contracting Est one among the oldest waterproofing company in Qatar during 1980s. Launched in a humble way with six employees and a bunch of waterproofing membranes sealants decorative products and civil contracting
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FCO Qatar is part of an international group that has....

waterproofing |
FCO Qatar is part of an international group that has branches and affiliates in Egypt, Kuwait, Kazakstan and has carried out many important projects such as work for Aspire Zone (Khalifa Stadium), Al Mana (Palm Gardens Villa Complex) and La Cigale Hotel roof and basement areas. We are the exclusive Middle East agent for three USA manufacturers of advanced Polyurethane, Super Polymer and Hybrid Polyurea Coatings used in general waterproofing, fire prevention, roofing, corrosion protection, foundations, flooring, oil and gas industry, saltwater and marine environments and security products many of which have not been previously available outside of the USA.
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Waterproofing & Epoxy Coating Concrete repairs....

Waterproofing contractors & services |
Waterproofing & Epoxy Coating Concrete repairs
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Water Proofing Contractor....

Waterproofing contractors & services |
Water Proofing Contractor
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Universal Roof Co W.L.L. is a specialist company that installs....

Waterproofing contractors services materials & fabrics |
Universal Roof Co W.L.L. is a specialist company that installs roofing and waterproofing membranes.
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