Care Medical Trading LLC
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

Care medicals trading WLL, Qatar established in January 2015 . The company soon grew from a promising business enterprise to the favored supplier of affordable and excellent quality medical supplies products to the region medical and scientific community. Thanks to our unique business philosophy and amazing customers’ support, today, care medical trading WLL, Qatar stands tall as the leading supplier chain of international-quality healthcare and medical supplies products in the qatar. Care medical trading WLL, Qatar, is built on certain values and core principles that make us much more than a business concern. A socially committed and responsible team of professionals, we fully realize the importance of having to deliver the very best of products so that our customers would stand to benefit from it. The reason why we are the preferred partner of many major government and private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies across middle east, is no secret. It is the result of our honest approach and transparent deals, with no compromise whatsoever in quality. Our vision: Aspire to become the global industry leader by providing innovative, practical and affordable healthcare solutions that would significantly improve people's life across the world. Our mission: Persistently try hard to make care medical trading WLL, Qatar a globally recognized medical supplies company by focusing stringently on the core values on which our foundation is built. Not just fulfill, but excel customer expectations by endowing unparalleled Customer support. Deploy state-of-the-art and superior technologies, always. Uphold the ethical values that make our business sector special. Safeguard the rights and privileges of our investors and employees. Remain responsive to societal and environmental concerns by concentrating on sustainable growth. Our range includes: General medical products. Dental products. Surgical products / instruments. Diagnostic equipment. Infection control products. Respiratory products. Disposables. Medical apparels. Laboratory products & equipment.
P.O. Box 4425, St. No. 220, Zone 25, Bin Dirham Plaza, Bldg No. 113, Office No. 205, Doha - Qatar
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