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Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

PowerSteel Building Systems was established in 1994 in syria as an agent to kirby building systems in kuwait? and became as a sister company of UCC & KCT Contracting in Doha-Qatar in 2014. We Are Your Partners In Progres 5As you are conceptualizing and executing projects PEB is one part of your responsibilities among many other complex engineering challenges. However when it comes to Power Steel PEBs our clients are worry-free and remain worry-free.. From ensuring customized engineering designs that optimize efficiencies to accurate drawings and project planning and the use of SAP to plan inventories and meet targeted timelines we are devoted to exceeding your expectations every time. Our experienced and talented team works with our clients to give them pre-emptive solutions that go beyond ordinary specifications to maximize efficiencies. We can handle complex requirements and often deliver innovative engineering solutions that add tremendous value for our clients. We are the undisputed leaders and pioneers in the industry bringing our 21 years of experience to the table across manufacturing retail transportation and logistics to create bespoke steel solutions. While we deliver steel structures at one level what we truly believe we deliver at a fundamental level ? is total peace of mind for our clients.
P.O. Box 207410 Qatar Head Office AlWaseef Building 1st Floor Old Salata, Doha - Qatar
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