B Attitude Spa
Solar Energy - Doha Qatar

A member of Buddhattitude Spa franchise B/ATTITUDE Doha is positioned on the market as a Lifestyle Destination preferred by people in search of a holistic approach to health well-being and beauty therapies and featuring all the wellness facilities that a modern individual might need in one place. With our luxurious d?cor and wellness facilities we promise a fully integrative wellness experience that would combine traditional and modern-day services for improving all aspects of clients lifestyle. Our goal is to go one step further in personalizing lifestyle plans for clients by incorporating DNA testing and including a multidisciplinary team of specialists in creating a unique holistic lifestyle plan for each client under D/CODE name. D/CODE by B/ATTITUDE is a pioneering concept in Qatar that combines cutting-edge science to unlock clients genetic data and lifestyle patterns and translate it into a clear detailed wellness plan through personalized coaching and holistic wellness solutions. Our four DNA tests focus on health management dietary disposition athletic performance and anti-aging revealing sensitivities susceptibilities and keys to true health potential. Contact us directly for more details.
PO Box 15068 Beverly Hills Tower 2nd Floor West Bay.
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