About Us


About us

We, Primedia Qatar, are a digital company providing various media solutions, aiming at connecting your company to any potential buyers in the GCC.

As part of our portfolio comes yellowpages.qa, the little brother of the Yellow Pages Telephone Directory. yellowpages.qa is the official Yellow Pages website for Qatar, owned by Ooredoo, and managed by us.

Our partnership with Ooredoo enables us to have an accurate database, regularly synchronized, which makes it unquestionably one of the most powerful source of information in the country.

About yellowpages.qa

Initially launched in 2005, yellowpages.qa has launched its new version in October 2015, offering users and companies the best Yellow Page services. 

Our new website carries its reputation to the top: you can find anything you are looking for on yellowpages.qa. Thanks to the advanced search engine, you will be able to find the right company that offers what you are looking for.

You will find basic contact details about all companies in Qatar (e.g. address, direct, mobile and fax numbers, email ID, location map) as well as further detailed information including promotions, pictures, brochures and videos.

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See you soon on yellowpages.qa!